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Achieving absolute PEAK health requires a different approach than conventional medicine. Your vision of health is achievable, and it starts with Bluestone Health Group.

Dr. Kurt Waples decided years ago to start a practice where the focus of absolute peak health is the only and main goal. Health should not be defined as the absence of disease, but the highest level of health and vitality someone can achieve with diet, lifestyle, movement, exercise, mental capacity, spirituality, nutritional and hormonal factors leading to a maximally healthy outcome.

Bluestone Health Group is what grew out of this passion. Dr. Kurt has spent years learning functional medicine, biochemistry, physiology, movement and exercise mechanics, applied kinesiology, and scientific theory to create his own method of assessing the body. Body Comp Analytics and Metabolic Analytics. He uses human ideals as the standard, which can differ, sometimes greatly, from the standard ‘lab value’ or ‘standard medical’ numbers.


If you have been searching for ‘a chiropractor near me’, ‘health optimization’ or ‘functional medicine’, Bluestone Health Group is the place for you. We work with all types of issues ranging from chronic low back pain, neck pain or joint pain to fat loss, hypothyroid/thyroid related issues, autoimmune problems and confusing non diagnosable issues. Dr. Kurt will be your personal health consultant and won’t stop until we find a solution to help you feel better, and ultimately reach the highest level of health achievable

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