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Metabolic Analytics

Maximize lung fitness and heart health

This includes

  • Brain Function

  • Lung Fitness

  • Heart Fitness & Health

  • Posture

  • Recovery

  • Metabolism

  • VO2 Max

  • Biological Age vs Chronological Age


“If you aren’t measuring, you are guessing.” - Dr. Kurt

This system is one of the best, most cutting edge ways to assess and track progress in your ‘Achieving Peak Health’ journey.

This system is designed to assess brain function, lung fitness, heart health, posture, recovery, VO2 Max, acid/alkaline balance and metabolism.

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It compares your biological age to your chronological age using cardiovascular fitness as a measure.


One of the best ways to assess your cardiovascular fitness, biological age and metabolism using breath analysis. This is an absolute must to maximize your workouts, body composition and overall peak performance and health. If you aren’t testing, you are guessing!

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