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Going beyond traditional healthcare to reach the top 10%!

We want to help take you to new heights, to the new experience in healthcare

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Dr. Kurt Waples

Dr. Kurt Waples decided years ago
to start a practice where the focus of absolute peak health is the only and main goal. Health should not be defined as the absence of disease, but the highest level of health and vitality someone can achieve with diet, lifestyle, movement, exercise, mental capacity, spirituality, nutritional and hormonal factors leading to a maximally healthy outcome.
Dr. Kurt ensures every single plan is completely customized and unique for the individual.  

Chiropractic & Kinesiology

Alternative medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially of the spine.

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Body Comp Analytics
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Body Comp Analytics

A deep dive into your individual biology. This revolutionary new physical assessment method.

Metabolic Analytics

Metabolic Analytics

Metabolic Analytics is a system utilizing breath analysis, Body Comp Analytics and other biochemical metrics to assess overall Cardiovascular Fitness.

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Happy Clients

Had a great visit with Dr. Kurt, he is extremely knowledgeable and he focuses on you 100% during your visit. It was an excellent visit and I'd highly recommend him to family and friends! Dr. Kurt is amazing!

Chris Dutra

Awesome. The best. Top notch. Best I have been exposed to in 60+ years. Recommend Dr. Waples to every friend I have. A truly special find. Smart, kind, effective and

Joseph Mulvey

Dr. Kurt is amazing.

After the detox, my blood sugar level, surprisingly, normalized! I was not even on any pharmaceutical medication. I trust him and the whole practice.

Su Yean Heo

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